Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Female Shape Release @ ~Hourglass~

Happy Xmas Eve, everyone! So I've been pretty hectic lately working on some new things..redid all the vendors with frames.. pretty classy, I was excited! And within the next few days I'll be releasing a few more male and female shapes. The first I've finished is a really unique and pretty shape, customized for M&R Cupcakes "Celebrity" line, which I think is really gorgeous and is up there with my favorite skins! Take a look.

I found the skin really unique and delicate, and tried to portray that with the shape. The shape is now available at my mainstore and Starlust locations, and demos are out for you to try!

Hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas!
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

*NEW* Male Shape for Belleza Skins @ Hourglass!

Adding to the lineup of super hot boytoy shapes, I introduce to you my latest, the Belleza (Thomas) Male Shape. Optimized for the "Thomas" line @ Belleza Skins (but also works well with the Ewan series), he stands a modest 6 ft 5 and handsome :D

So, guys! Come on over, try on a demo (special MALE demo box on 2nd level), and enjoy!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Limited Edition L'Via L'Viaquez Skin/Shape Set

Hourglass Shapes has teamed up with Nykki Heartsdale of [lessthan3] to create this beautiful skin/shape set, just in time for the holidays!

(Please click the image above to enlarge)

The package shown above includes a new [lessthan3] makeup in 3 tones (pale, light, and tan), as well as two unique shapes from ~Hourglass~ which were made to match the skins.

Starting Friday, December 5th at 12 noon SLT, you can TP to the mainstore locations of both [lessthan3] and ~Hourglass Shapes~ to snatch up your copy! Only 50 of these sets will ever be released!

Hope you enjoy!
<3 Ave & Nykki