Thursday, January 29, 2009

For the boys

Some love for the guys today-- two new shapes and some shape makeovers! Have a look--

^^New shapes for Abyss & Dernier Cri male skins

As my skill has progressed with the male form, I decided it was time to update some of my other male shapes in the store, and here's the result. For anyone who's bought these shapes previously (I keep track!) you should have received your free update copy already! :)

^^Updated male shapes

Currently all available at the Hourglass Shapes mainstore!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Releases @ Hourglass :)

Hi everyone-- two new releases today!

Lazolli is new on the SL skin scene, but owner Nariko Shinn is creating some really beautiful looks! This shape is fitted to the Takako skinline, which is my personal favorite in the store.

Fashionably Dead, (by Toast Bard) has these really beautiful and unique handpainted skins, which range from glam to beat-up & bruised. I was excited to finally create a customized shape for these skins-- this one in particular comes packaged pretty petite (5 ft 6 in-world), and super cute!

Stop on by my mainstore and try on a demo! :)

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Three new shapes @ Hourglass!

I've been working my tail off this last week to bring you brand new stuff--- and here's what I have to show for it! Three beautiful new shapes for some fantastic skins.

A shape for Blowpop skins, shown here with the "Tuesday" line (but also works well with Mellie2 and Mellie3)

Since its release several months ago, Rockberry's "Willow" skins have been some of my favorites, and with the launch of the new freckled versions, they are to dieeee for! So here's a cute shape to match!

Finally, Nylon Outfitters has these great handpainted skins that I've long been a fan of. I had a previous version of this shape that I made when I first opened my store, and it was in much need of a makeover! So this is what I came up with :)

So there you are, the fruits of my labor! I probably won't be releasing so many shapes all at once again, atleast for a few weeks.. because of RL priorities ( boards.. lol). As always, hop on by my mainstore and try on the demos!


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~Hourglass~ Participating in Heart of Love initiative for Shir Dryke

Starting today, I've marked down four shapes in my shop by 50%, and ALL of the Linden from these purchases is being donated to the Heart of Love Initiative, which is helping fellow SLer Shir Dryke (of Ornamental Life) to get a heart transplant she desperately needs.

The shapes included in this sale are:

-Celestial Studios (Vogue)

-Aden (Generation 3)

-lessthan3 (unnamed)

-D-Skin (#42 v.1.1)

These four shapes are marked down to 250L, and are the only vendors in my store that are scripted. Instead of choosing the "Buy" option on the clicker wheel, hit the "Pay" option to activate the script!
They are also further marked with a small red heart sign, to make them easier to spot.
If you are having any difficulty making a purchase with these scripted vendors, please let me know.

If you do not wish to purchase a shape but are interested in donating, I've also set up a donation box on the main floor of my mainstore, which you can pay directly to contribute.

Even though I don't know Shir personally, I'm a big fan of her work in SL and I just want to extend my best wishes, along with a little compassion and contribution on behalf of myself and my customers. So please, open up your hearts and consider contributing to this effort!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm such a lazy blogger...

These shapes have been out since the weekend after Christmas.. but I've been such a slacker up until today, I forgot to blog them! (I did all the promo in-world, shame on me).

Anyways, have a look! Something for the girls and guys!

A shape customized for the beautiful London line from LeLutka (formerly MMS)

Giving love to the guys with this fun younger look for guys-- courtesy of Zanzo! I really like dressing up as a boy.. lol.

Come on by my mainstore and try on a demo!
Lots of newness coming soon-- I've been working hard!!


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