Friday, February 27, 2009

New Releases @ Hourglass (2/27/09)

Hi all! Four brand new shapes released today.. + a very special dollarbie tee!

Among the new shapes are:

-Lazolli "Phoebe" Shape
-Aden (Generation 4) Shape

-Curio (Lovely) Shape

-Tuli (Natalie) Shape

Also, I've begun creating some t-shirts, under the brand =HooT=. I still don't have a store set up just yet, but hope to soon! As a preview, I've placed one really special tee inside the ~Hourglass~ mainstore location for $1L! If you like it, I've placed the rest of the tees up on XStreet for the time being, follow this link to take a look!

=HooT= Tees Available on XStreet SL

So hop on by my mainstore, grab a demo of my new shapes, and enjoy the giftie tee I've left for ya!


TP to Hourglass Shapes Mainstore

^^Pssstt! Those smiles are for you, Hart! (per plurk request!)


MusicMel said...

It was awesome! and pretty refreshing. more people showed up to watch then did to participate. It was fun and I will probably do it again next year. Plus I got a cool Tee haha