Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~Hourglass~ New Releases & Shape Upgrades!

Two new shapes in store this week:

BEBAE "Delilah" Female Shape

Pididdle "Lien" Female Shape

I've also upgraded three of my older shapes. Upgrades to any shape are complimentary to anyone who has purchased the shape before. If you have not yet received an upgrade to any of the following shapes, please contact me (Averie Larnia) and let me know!

Upgrades were made to:
Karamia (MiA) Female Shape (please click to enlarge)
Celestial Studios (Vogue) Female Shape

Minajunk (Harajyuku) Female Shape

*As always, shapes are mod/copy/no trans. Demos are available for every shape in the store! Please come by and see what's new at Hourglass Shapes :)

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