Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New shapes for Curio and Tuli Skins @ Hourglass

Two new female shapes are available today at Hourglass Shapes! :)

----The first is for Curio's "June" skinline:

--and the second is for
Tuli's "Hope"

As always, the shapes are copy/mod and come with a complete styling guide! Demos are available for every shape in-store!

Hope you enjoy!

TP to Hourglass Shapes @ Vain, Inc. Plaza


MusicMel said...

Hey L!!!
I was actually getting ready to post on the Palin stuff right when I saw your comment!!! hehe. Great minds think alike! Hows your summer going? I left you a gift in SL! Someone needs to spend the money I'm getting lol and I thought you would do it best :D