Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hourglass Shapes - Skin & Shape Expo Preview #2

The Skin & Shape Expo is fast approaching, and I've been busy making new shapes!

~Hourglass~ FILTHY (Dulcita) Shape

I discovered FILTHY on the feeds, and I decided to hop over-- and immediately fell in love with these skins-- completely unique, gives your face such a cute and glowing look to it. Surely to be one of the hot new places to grab a skin! Both male and female skins here too! This shape is for the line "Dulcita" which comes with TEETH! So cute!

~Hourglass~ Pink Fuel (Elly) Shape

The eagerly anticipated Elly skins are soooo close to being yours, can you taste it? Several makeups will be available at the Culture Shock event coming soon! This shape compliments the new Elly line, and also works well with several other skins!

These shapes will be available to purchase starting May 10th at the Skin & Shape Expo! More coming soon!