Monday, April 25, 2011

Hourglass Shapes - Skin & Shape Expo Preview #1

After a long hiatus from making shapes, Hourglass is back and ready for the Skin & Shape Expo -- which is happening May 10th-20th! At the expo, you can expect tons of new releases from your favorite skin and shape designers. Get more info on the expo here!

For those of you who may not already know, Hourglass is a shop based around designing shapes to compliment popular skinlines. Many of you know from your own experiences that the most beautiful skins require meticulous tweaking of your shape to look absolutely perfect on you-- and I've gone ahead and taken out the guesswork for you. My first preview post will showcase three of my newest female shapes which will be available at the Expo in a few weeks!

~Hourglass~ Mynerva (Sophie) Shape
Truly one of my favorite skins. Not the newest range from this designer, but still absolutely stunning. I rarely take this skin off, simply because the skin itself is so unique.

~Hourglass~ League (Sia) Shape
Showcasing the newest skinline from League, Sia is a showstopper. The most adorable button nose and curves for days, guaranteed people will notice you when you wear this skin-- just make sure you're wearing it right!

~Hourglass~ Curio (Lustre) Shape
I am a longtime fan of Curio skins, and was thrilled when Lustre was released! The skin has brilliant shading and highlighting and is delicate and highly detailed. This shape seeks to accentuate everything amazing about this skin.

That's it for now, but all week I'll be making new shapes to show to you. MALE SHAPES are also in the works!! (YAY!)

If you are a skin designer and would like me to showcase your skin at the Expo (in the form of a shape), please drop an in-world message to Averie Larnia.